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Team Gen: What We Share...

Title: What We Share...
Author: slinkiestumble
Team: Gen
Prompt: Family
Rating: PG
Characters: Ron, obviously, but Molly, Percy, Fred, George, and Ginny, too.
Warnings: Not unless you've a problem with Mum-perspective gushing.
Length: 1,685 words.
Summary: Ron has the dragon pox.
Author Notes: First off, I'd like to issue an enormous thanks to sister_dear for the beta. You're comments were indeed quite helpful. Any ensuing mistakes are thus my own.

Second off, this turned out to be a surprising challenge, indeed. I thought my prompt of "family" would be quite easy to get through, but as it turns out I went through at least eight drafts and ideas before I ended up with this piece. I had to draw a lot from my own experiences as a child, for this one, which was emotionally draining in the extreme.

I'm still unsure about my feelings of Ron in this; he's the star, especially for me, but a lot of this fic is about nuance, about being the youngest (or second to youngest, but youngest boy) in a family with large personalities. Sometimes children get a bit lost, I think. I wanted to show Ron in conjunction with his family, through the eyes of his mother, but as a bit of an enigma, still, because he's a boy who's not done growing and who hasn't established or asserted his full individuality yet. I dunno if I succeeded, but I sure did try.

What We Share...Collapse )

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Tags: fic, prompt: family, team gen
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