Bedlam boys are bonny (mad_maudlin) wrote in triatha_ron,
Bedlam boys are bonny

Team Gen: The Festivities

Story title: The Festivities
Author name: aberforths_rug
Team: Team Gen
Prompt: Pride
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: The entire Weasley clan
Warnings: Character Death
Length: 7960
Summary: Ron looked at his family — well, part of it anyway — gathered around the kitchen table at the Burrow. It was odd not to have his mum buzzing around filling their tea cups or handing out biscuits. They were there to settle on the plans for the... festivities. Ron rises to the occasion and finds his proper place at the Weasley family table.
Author notes: Many thanks are owed to my ever patient, ever brilliant beta mickawber_fics. This piece was partially inspired by time spent thinking about a dear friend in a somewhat similar situation. My wish is for some easier times ahead for him and his.

The FestivitiesCollapse )

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Tags: fic, prompt: pride, team gen
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