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Bedlam boys are bonny

Let the Games Begin!

Welcome to the First Running of the TriathaRon!

The TriathaRon is a new Ron-centric ficathon based in part on the model of snarry_games. Teams of Het, Gen and Slash writers will be pitted against each other in a friendly competition over one Ronald Billius Weasley. Because there can never be to much Ron love!

We have invited almost thirty of the fandom's best Ron writers to participate; the current team roster is here. But these aren't the only people who will be writing with us this year. Open sign-ups for the remaining team slots will begin on Friday, January 12 at 6pm GMT. Watch the community for more information!

The anticipated fest timeline:

January 12-15: Open sign-ups
January 16: Final team rosters posted
January 17: Prompts assigned
February 21: All fics are due to the Mods
March 1-15: Fics will be posted
March 19: The winners are announced!

For complete rules of the game, check out our FAQ post.

And lest you wonder what you're supposed to do if you're not part of a team...fear not! Moderator marginaliana will be refereeing a drabble-a-thon for our community watchers as we await the wonderful Ron fics to come. The details are here.

Under the cut are some graphics and icons for anyone to use--not just our players--to promote the TriathaRon. Please do not hotlink these images; right-click and save to your own media.

For more information, please contact us at triatharon.mod (AT) gmail (dot) com!

Mad Maudlin
(The Mods)
Tags: mod post
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