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Team Het: How to Lose Your Mind in Ten Weeks

Title: How to Lose Your Mind in Ten Weeks
Author: solstice_fics
Team: Het
Prompt: Loss
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Ron/Bellatrix
Warnings: Non consensual sex, BDSM, aracnaphobes might want to skim one particular section early on, brainwashing.
Length: 4221 words
Summary: Ron was captured and given to Bellatrix Lestrange to play with. Over the next ten weeks she set about reprogramming his mind and enjoying his body. Is he the one who's really losing it though?
Author notes: Thanks to Shocolate for stepping in when my beta became non-responsive. She told me she thought people expected team het to be writing hand holding and skipping through meadows in canon pairs. I like confounding expectations!

How to Lose Your Mind in Ten Weeks


Ron wasn’t quite sure what it was about the baby talk that made him feel so sick, sicker even than when she ran her hands over him, but he was scared that it would be the breaking of him.

Not torture, not molestation, not talk. How humiliating that would be when, if, it ever came out when all this was over.

“Ittle, widdle, baby Weasley want to play wiv mummsie Bellatwix?”

Ron shuddered as he huddled in the darkest corner of his damp, drafty cell. He wished he’d been chosen by Lucius Malfoy. Every day, all day and night, he could hear Colin screaming. Malfoy chose the Muggleborn for endless torture and Bellatrix chose Ron because she didn’t want to fuck anything less than a pureblood.

It wasn’t just sex. It wasn’t just abuse and fondling and degradation. It was the fact that she was tearing down every defence he had. Whatever he focused his mind upon to help him get through the pain and humiliation he was made to endure was made dirty and corrupt. He used to close his eyes and think of Hermione when the potion was forced down his throat and his unwilling erection stood tall for the unstable witch. After the first couple of times Bellatrix made Ron call her a dirty filthy Mudblood on every thrust otherwise she would go and tell Lucius to have another round of ‘Crucio the Creevey’ in the next room.

He couldn’t picture Hermione gyrating on top of him while saying such vile and disgusting things so he moved on to Madam Rosmerta. Those big, fleshy, wobbly breasts swinging before his face and her deep throaty cackle, Rosmerta had such a dirty laugh. He could say those things to Rosmerta’s pendulous tits and pretend she was throwing her head back and laughing at how funny he was for calling her such silly names. Rosmerta was a pureblood and anyway, she thought everything was an innuendo.


For three nights Ron talked filth to Rosmerta before Lestrange realised Ron had built up another wall to keep her out. Ron was tied to her bed and had his mind raped by Legilimens. She saw all his fears, all his loves, all his pain and anxiety and she began to crack his mental shield with ease from then on.

She also kept him in her bed, tied to the bedstead in the most excruciating way. His shoulders were flat against the tarnished brass and his arms stretched out straight on either side. She sadistically transfigured one of the brass orchids that decorated the bedposts into a brass spider and sent it weaving its wire web around Ron’s arms from wrist to shoulder. The wires cut into his flesh and held his arms straight and flush against the bedstead.

He couldn’t sit up and he couldn’t lie down, he could only slump painfully and wait for the next time Bellatrix wanted a ride or a game or whatever else her sick perverted mind could come up with.

Spiders were her favourite threat though. She had got some kind of kick out of seeing the paralysing fear that gripped Ron’s entire body as the brass spider crawled over his scarred arms and inched closer to his face. After Ron tried switching off and displaying no emotion at all she had produced a large black spider from her slinky silk robe and thrust it into her mouth before leaning over him for a kiss.

Ron had thrashed so hard at that he dislocated one of his shoulders and Bellatrix had laughed loudly, the spider scurrying from her open mouth and dropping onto Ron’s bare stomach. While Ron began to hyperventilate with pure fear Lestrange had nudged the spider down to Ron’s cock and chased the arachnid around in circles with her fingers so the eight hairy legs kept passing over his genitalia. She then delighted in her idea to force feed him the arousal potion and for a long disgusting minute Ron was sexually stimulated by a spider waggling its legs at Bellatrix’s behest over the head of his cock.

When he climaxed all over the spider Bellatrix’s eyes were wild and she drove the spunk covered thing into her mouth and ate it before Ron’s eyes. He had been violently sick and hadn’t been able to keep anything down since. In many ways he felt that starvation was a blessing. He would die and it would be over.


He learned to just do as he was told. The latest thing Lestrange enjoyed was forcing him to call her mummy. As well as destroying his image of Hermione, Rosmerta and even Lavender, Bellatrix was ensuring that no matter what happened he would associate maternal affection with sexual abuse. If his mother knew it would destroy her.


Ron had tried to hold his breath in the night, while Bellatrix slept with her head upon his stomach, and suffocate himself but the survival instinct was still too strong and he couldn’t go through with it.

He had no idea how much time had passed. All he did know was that this would never end. Harry would never find him. His father would be lost and Hermione...

The image of himself bucking his hips up into Bellatrix’s fanny while snarling, ‘You filthy Mudblood whore’ flashed across his mind and Ron had to put all thoughts of Hermione away.


“Kiss mummy like a good boy ittle, bitty, baby Weasley,” Bellatrix said as she crawled up his body.

“Yes mummy,” Ron choked before letting Bellatrix force her way into his mouth and suck hard upon his tongue. Her hand raked down his chest and the other grabbed hold of his hair at the back and pulled his head back. She smiled and bit his bottom lip playfully.

“Want me to make you hard?”

Ron knew the potion would make him hard for three times longer than if he got hard naturally and he just wanted this over with.

“Can you...” Ron was almost sick at what he was about to say. “Can you touch it mummy?”

Bellatrix stared into his face, reading the crushing humiliation and getting off on it in some way, before sinking her teeth into the side of his neck and marking him as her property.

“Weasley baby wants his mummy to stroke him?”

Ron swallowed and nodded.

“Where’s your manners you naughty widdle boy?” Bellatrix said with a child-like pout before slapping her hand across his face and deliberately dragging her fingernails across his cheek to draw blood.

“Please mummy,” Ron winced, “sorry mummy. Thank you mummy.”

She grinned manically and shimmied down his body to nuzzle against his crotch. Ron breathed deeply and did everything he could to let her touch arouse him.


It was another Sunday morning as Ron shifted in his awkward position and winced before yawning. His chest rose and fell, lifting Bellatrix’s sleeping head gently. She hummed and blinked her bleary eyes before looking up at him and smiling.

“Morning my captive.”

“Morning my captor,” Ron said roughly, before shifting against the tight wires and trying to rotate his sore neck.

“Oh is my widdle baby aching?” Bellatrix pouted before crawling along to sit astride his chest, dark wiry hairs tickling his chin as she leaned forward and began to massage Ron’s neck.

He groaned deeply and Bellatrix seemed to wriggle against his chest as it vibrated with the sound. Ron licked his lips and parted her bush with his long nose before lapping at the pink opening he had excavated.

“Mmmm...” Bellatrix smiled as she pushed herself down on his face and kneaded the tight muscles in his neck and then his shoulders and down to his back.

Ron arched away from the bedstead as much as the wire cobwebs would allow and swirled his tongue deeply inside Bellatrix. She gyrated her hips and made contented moaning sounds before her breathing hastened and she was curling her toes and gripping the bedstead tightly as she screamed out her orgasm for all the world to hear.

Moving backwards she wiped at Ron’s mouth before leaning down and rubbing her cheek against his.

"I knew you would see that you’re mummy’s little boy all along. My captive pureblood,” she was slumping down against his body and curling her arms around him to snuggle into the crook of his neck, “you don’t want dirty Mudblood whores anymore, do you?”

Ron shook his head.

"She had no respect for me. She told me I wasn’t good enough.”

“You?” Bellatrix said with an astonished look on her face. “My boy, my captive pureblood boy toy, not good enough for a Muggle-born with filth running through her veins?”

“She treated me like a fucking squib!” Ron blurted. “Never right, never good enough, no one wants me...”

Bellatrix grabbed Ron’s face and kissed his outburst away.

“I want you.”


She nodded, her mouth smiling in that way she did when she was smelling something she liked, leather, arousal potion, blood, Ron’s sweaty body just after sex.

“I chose you,” she kissed his slightly parted lips again, “I saved you from Lucius,” she kissed the side of his neck, “I wanted such a pretty captive with such hot,” she sank lower and kissed his collar bone, “pumping,” lower still, nipping at his pectoral, “pure blood.”

“Please,” Ron closed his eyes and jerked his hips upwards, “please keep going!”

He tried to writhe up the bed, shortening her journey to his needy cock but the wire bonds wouldn’t give, not even a little and he whimpered and grazed the tip of his dick against the inside of Bellatrix’s thigh.

“You need me?”

“Yes!” Ron said through gritted teeth.

Bellatrix slithered slowly down his body, dragging her tongue on a long, winding journey down to his stomach while Ron gasped. He tried once more to wriggle up the bed beneath her and rub himself against whatever he could touch along the way.

“You want me, my captive?” Bellatrix cooed into his wiry copper curls.

“Merlin please, please Bella now!” Ron whimpered as he felt her powerful but elegant thumbs pressing into his hips and holding his squirming hips steady.

“Who is your mistress?”

“You are, Godric please don’t make me wait!” Ron panted as he tried to push against her hold on him and up, into her mouth.

Bellatrix roughly pushed him back down with the flat of both palms and leaned her full weight upon him, watching with captivated awe as Ron strained and arched his back in an attempt to get some purchase to aid his struggle for gratification, and the dark witch licked her lips hungrily.

“Does Bella make everything better? Does your Bella make you feel good?”

Ron’s hips writhed under her grip and he nodded breathlessly.

“Tell me who owns you while I feast, sweet boy,” Bellatrix sighed before lowering her head and swallowing Ron’s hard cock all the way to the root.

“The black queen, my dark Goddess,” Ron moaned before his eyes rolled back into his head and he thrust upwards into Bellatrix’s mouth. “Her blood...her blood...” Ron grunted with every lunge into the Death Eater’s mouth, “...our blood...pureblood!”


“Who’s a scruffy pup then my big stwong Wonny-boy?” Bellatrix bounced upon Ron’s lap, straddling him at the waist and lifting his chin with one finger, “Hold still while Bella makes you all smooth again.”

Ron held the position and Bellatrix lifted the razor to his lathered throat. The witch began to stroke the blade up, scraping away creamy white foam and rough spiky stubble.

“I hate it when you chafe my thighs you bad dog!”

Ron made a guttural woofing sound without moving his mouth and his eyes sparked at Bellatrix, whose face seemed to light up in response.

“Down boy, behave while you’re being groomed!”

Tenderly Bellatrix shaved around the curve of Ron’s jaw and pulled the hollow of his cheek tight so the job was evenly done. Ron had been eating again but not enough to look healthy. Bellatrix had taken to having her meals in bed with her captive and feeding him with her hands.

It made him stronger and gave him energy to sustain him through their marathon sex sessions.

“Such dark circles on such a young face,” Bellatrix pushed out her bottom lip and her thumb glided across one of the bags beneath Ron’s tired eyes.

“Well you will keep me up all night.” Ron smiled cheekily.

Bellatrix slapped him gently on the chest and pushed the blunt side of the blade into his throat.

“Do I need to scold my mischievous puppy again?”

“Well if there’s poo on the carpet I’m blaming Malfoy!” Ron chuckled and Bellatrix dropped her idle threat and threw back her head to bray with laughter.

“Oh if Lucius were still here I would not be nearly as happy,” Bellatrix sighed, shaking her head and getting back to the job of shaving Ron.

“We’re alone?” Ron blinked, getting a huff and his face jerked back into the angle required to shave his other cheek from Bellatrix.

“Have been for weeks now my sweet,” she said dreamily. “He wanted to interfere, play with you once he broke the Creevey toy he was playing with, but I said no. You’re my widdle prisoner aren’t you puppy?”

Ron smiled and tried to nod but Bellatrix was changing the angle of his head again and wiping the razor off on a towel draped over her lap.

“So I turned Lucius’ wand into a Portkey and arranged for him to go and visit the Ministry of Magic in his pyjamas, one glorious morning.”

Ron laughed and Bellatrix looked incredibly proud of herself.

“Dead before he realised where he was - crying shame - I feel for Narcissa and Draco I really do but...” she shrugged.

“You feel for who?” Ron blinked.

“Narcissa and Draco, my sister and her son,” Bellatrix looked at Ron as if he was still playing games with her before her expression levelled out into a blank disbelief. “Puppy, you remember Draco don’t you? You used to scrap over playthings; vicious little doggie, Draco was.”

Ron blinked and his eyes moved to one side to think.

"Puppy?” Bellatrix said as she leaned in close and whispered a question, almost shaking with anticipation for the answer, “Do you remember Potter?”

Ron frowned before looking back at her and hesitantly responding.

“Filthy little Mudblood?”

Bellatrix swelled and stroked Ron’s smooth cheek proudly.

“No, there was no Potter, I was just testing you. Good doggie.”

Ron’s expression of concentration cleared and he grinned at her.


In her post orgasm state of bliss Bellatrix reached up to one of Ron’s tethered hands and linked her fingers with his.

“Hold my hand, Ronnie.”

He was slouched against the bedstead and catching his breath, eyes closed and mouth slightly open, and his fingers didn’t move.

“I said hold my hand Honey-Ron,” Bellatrix said as she squeezed his hand tighter.

Ron’s eyelids fluttered open and he looked over to their hands, his limp in hers, and frowned.

“I can’t move my fingers.”

Bellatrix sat up and crawled over to the side of the bed, taking his hand with both of hers and tapping the back of it repeatedly.

“Can you feel this, baby boy?”

Ron shook his head, before wincing and shifting his weight from side to side a little.

“I can’t feel my arms, they’ve gone dead.”

Bellatrix looked livid and snatched up her wand from the bedside table and flicked it at the brass webs, making them crumble away into rust, and Ron’s arms fell down onto the pillows on either side of him, heavily.

“Can you move them now?” she asked him urgently picking up one of Ron’s arms and trying to massage some feeling back into it.

Ron grimaced and then huffed before shaking his head.

“They’re like two heavy weights just hanging off me, Bella,” he looked up at her, panic stricken. “It’s just pins and needles, right? I’ll feel ‘em again in a minute, won’t I?”

Bellatrix flicked her wand at the open door and summoned a spell book into her waiting hand.

“Don’t you fret, little one, Bella will fix it. Bella will make it all better.”


Ron shifted onto his side and nuzzled against Bellatrix’s breast. He felt her long fingers combing through his hair, much longer now than he usually liked it, and smiled into her skin.

“Good morning, my Snapdragon,” she purred warmly.

“Mornin’ Bella,” Ron mumbled as he curled his arms a little tighter around her body.

He felt her kiss against his head and opened his eyes a crack, blinking in the morning sunlight. Bellatrix was gazing down at him, winding a lock of his copper hair around her finger, and smiling almost serenely.

“How are those big strong arms of yours today, Honey bear?”

Ron lifted the arm draped over Bellatrix’s body and brushed her silky jet locks away from her face. Bellatrix turned her head towards his hand and bit Ron’s thumb playfully. She released it, letting him drag the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip, and her dark eyes grew into deep black pools, hungrily swallowing up his image.

“I’ll be able to throw you over my shoulder and spank your bottom when you’ve been a bad girl soon,” Ron smiled lazily.

“Ooh Wonnie, you bad boy!” Bellatrix said as she hooked her leg between his and nudged at his balls with her knee. “I’ll look forward to it.”

Ron smiled and tightened the hug with Bellatrix before grunting and rolling her on top of him. He leaned up for a kiss and his lips were met halfway. Several soft kisses, tugging at each other’s lips and teasing with tongues, were followed by a slower and deeper kiss. They lingered inside the other’s mouth and stroked against the rough velvet of their partner’s tongue. Bellatrix gripped Ron’s hair with both hands and devoured the moment. Ron sank his fingers into her firm white buttocks and pressed his morning glory up against her.

“My Honey-Ron,” Bellatrix sighed as they broke their kiss to catch their breath, “my special pureblood baby.”

“You’re still my captor, y’know?” Ron said as he stroked his knuckles gently along her jaw line and his other hand drew circles with his fingers at the small of her back.

“I am?” Bellatrix said as she stroked the tip of her nose along the bridge of Ron’s own long freckled one.

Ron lifted his head and brushed his lips against hers.

“I belong to my Bella; she doesn’t have to tie me up to own me. I’m a loyal pup.”

Bellatrix lowered her body down on top of him and nestled into the crook of his shoulder.

“I like being able to feel your arms around me my sweet honey bear. I like it when you hold me.”

Ron looked at the top of Bellatrix’s head, pushing his chin right into his chest to do so, and frowned.


“Mmmmm?” she sighed with contentment.

“Why was I tied up for so long?”

Bellatrix shifted her head to gaze up into his inquisitive eyes.

“You don’t remember how you were led astray, my sweet?”

“I was?” Ron asked, his face falling.

“Oh yes,” Bellatrix said, looking very serious. “You were such a good boy, your blood so pure and clean, and then some dirty traitors tried to infect your perfect blood with the filth that ran through their veins. There was such a battle, Ronnie pup, and I managed to save you, snatch you away from those dreadful people.”

“You saved me?” Ron asked her, almost in awe of her.

“I took you back,” Bellatrix said with a proud smile as she kissed the skin before her lips and sighed. “I took back what was rightfully mine. They had brainwashed you my baby.”

“Thank you,” Ron whispered humbly and hugged her a little tighter to him, something she gave a little moan of appreciation for. “I love you, Bella.”

He felt her shiver and began to rub his hands up and down her body to warm her, but she laughed.

“I’m not cold dear boy, my sweet, precious Ronnie.”

“Oh, okay.” Ron smiled before relaxing back into the pillow behind him and staring up at the ceiling. “Bella?”

“Yes my love?”

Ron smiled on hearing this new term of endearment and almost forgot what he was about to ask her.

“Oh, well I was just wondering...if my arms hadn’t gone numb would you still have let me go?”

Bellatrix drew light circles around one of Ron’s nipples with her fingertip and said nothing.

“All I can remember is loving my Bella and still thought I would leave you didn’t you?”

Bellatrix wriggled up Ron’s body and kissed his cheek.

"I was frightened of losing you to them again, my love. I couldn’t bear it if you were to leave me. Besides,” she broke into a wicked grin and bit at his earlobe, “I like you in my bed all the time.”

Ron closed his eyes and leaned into Bellatrix comfortably.

“You think you have to tie me to your bed to keep me here? I’ll never leave this bed, Bella. You and your bed, you’re my world.”


Bellatrix smiled to herself and stretched her back in an elegant yawn before reaching out for Ron. Only she couldn’t move her arms. Her eyes sprung open and she cried out in shock to see herself bound to the bedstead by thick brass snakes from wrist to shoulder.

“No!” she gasped before looking around the empty bedroom frantically and screaming wildly. “RONNIE!”

Ron stepped inside and leaned against the doorframe, Bellatrix’s wand in his hand and a calm smile on his face.

“Good morning, Bella.”

“Oh Ron, my love, you scared me so, I thought you had been taken from me by the Mudblood traitors. Oh you mustn’t frighten your Bella like that, sweet honey.”

He was still smiling at her in that nonplussed way that was so unlike him.

“Oh Bella,” Ron said with a shake of the head, “you silly little Bella. Do you really think I would forget who Harry Potter was?”

Bellatrix’s face went deathly pale and she stared at him in horror.

“Mummy’s ittle, baby boy remember?” Bellatrix said, desperate to weaken Ron’s mind again.

“I played you at your little game, Bella,” Ron said, eyes alive with triumph, “and I won. You let me go. You let me sleep and eat and even helped my get the strength back in my arms so I could truss you up like you did to me and take your wand, you stupid baby-talking cow!”

“No Ronnie, baby no, don’t do this to mamma, honey pup!” Bellatrix pleaded.

“I’m leaving you, Bella. I’m leaving you to go back to my Muggle born girlfriend and my best mate, Harry Potter, and my half-breed loving family and I’m leaving you here like this.”

“You said you loved me,” Bellatrix said, beginning to tremble.

“I lied.”

“No! No, you didn’t, you can’t fake that Ronnie, your poor head is confused. Let me make it better again.”

“Aw Bella, you wanna kiss it all better?” Ron said with a sarcastic pout.

"Yes! Yes, baby boy, let mummy kiss you one last time. A goodbye kiss for Bella. Aren’t I still your Bella?”

“Oh you’re the same old Bella, alright and I will give you one last kiss goodbye,” Ron said as he put Lestrange’s wand into his back pocket and took a step towards the bed.

Bellatrix looked hopeful now and tried to sit up and lean towards him but her arms wouldn’t allow it.

“Please my love, just one kiss.” She smiled, eyelids fluttering girlishly.

Ron leaned forward, a breath away from Bellatrix and smirked.

“I’ll tell the Dementor how eager you are for it, I’m sure he won’t keep you waiting.”

“No!” Bellatrix screeched and thrashed against the brass snakes, “You’re my Ronnie, mine! I broke you in and you are mine!”

“I was never yours,” Ron said as he tapped the side of his head with his finger. “I never lost Hermione or Harry or Rosmerta’s fucking beautiful never took anything away from me.”

“But we made love!” she whimpered as she sagged, wailing and sobbing like a widow at a graveside.

“We fucked,” Ron said coldly. “I trained my body to fuck on demand and that’s all it was you pathetic needy old trout.”

Bellatrix cried woefully and Ron turned to walk away.

“Don’t leave me, Ronnie,” she begged him, snot running down her face and cheeks flushed and blotchy. “I can’t lose you, please don’t go away.”

“We played,” Ron said coolly, “and you lost. Don’t be a bad loser, Bella.”

“You’d really give me over to the Dementors? Knowing how much I love you?” She spoke roughly through a constricted throat.

Ron turned to look back when he reached the door.

“No,” Ron shook his head sincerely. “I think I’ll tell Neville where to find you first. I’m sure he’d like that.”

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