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A Ron Ficathon where Everyone's a Winner!
13th-Jan-2008 11:45 am
Hi all – just wanted to clear up a couple of misconceptions about how we invited people this year. Of course all of last year's participants were awesome, but we couldn't invite everyone because we really wanted to make space for people who hadn't gotten lucky in the lottery last year. So invites went out to last year's pinch hitters (for being awesome and stepping in at the last minute) and then a very small group of others who fit some combination of factors including but not limited to: not needing an extension last year, current fandom participation level and interest, expressing interest to one of the mods before we made the announcement. This was not a scientific process - we had established an overall number of invites and when we reached that number we stopped looking through the list.

So if you were a participant last year and didn't get an invite, this doesn't mean we don't want you! It's honestly not personal. It just means we didn't get to your name or you didn't fit a couple of the criteria above or we couldn't find your email or something like that. Please do come and sign up for the lottery in March, because we'd really love to have you take part.

We're really sorry if anyone's feelings have been hurt over this, and I really hope you'll understand that we were just trying to be fair and create a balance between new and old participants.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at triatharon.mod[at]gmail.com.
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