Bedlam boys are bonny (mad_maudlin) wrote in triatha_ron,
Bedlam boys are bonny

Complete Team Assignments!

Ladies and gentlebeings, under the cut are the final team assignments for the TriathaRon!

I want to say that I'm very excited about these teams--there are a good mix of veteran writers and new people. I'm sorry that some very worthy writers who signed up were not chosen, but I hope you will all consider writing in the drabble-a-thon that starts tomorrow!

If you're curious about how the teams were chosen: I used a program called Inspiration Pad Pro to generate the right number of random picks for each team, weighted slightly towards everyone's first choice from their sign-up message. If you object to your team assignment in any way (ie you decide you really can't write gen after all, or you don't want to be a pinch hitter anymore) please let us know right away so that a substitute can be found!

Team Slash Team Gen Team Het
abigail89 aberforths_rug anamchara
arsenicjade almostblue coffee_n_cocoa
jezzabe kennahijja edeainfj
kaalee maple_mahogany jamimegan
kerryblaze scribhneoir1 tehgiantsquid
mamalaz slytherincesss solstice_muse
prurient_badger thelastgoodname tqpannie
snoopypez emmagrant01 shocolate
thrihyrne approximedic simons_flower
weasleyswitch nicolen thesteppyone
aome simmysim thetreacletart
onadancefloor slinkiestumble neigedens
hildigunnur tajareyul yamapea
sullacat sarka granola_bean
frayed1989 wolfiekins modestyrabnott
Pinch hitters
dramedy junesrose attilatehbun
bottomsup07 therealmarajade frenchfriedeggs
kaellite mizbean sapphocles
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