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A Ron Ficathon where Everyone's a Winner!
Mod Post: Prompt Assignments! 
17th-Jan-2007 06:21 am
Under the cut is a table with the prompt assignments for each writer!

Prompts were assigned randomly. At some point today, each writer will receive an email from us with their specific prompt, in addition to the table. Please let us know if you notice any errors in the table! I'd like to resolve any difficulties with prompts as soon as possible.

Prompt Het Gen Slash
Comfort modestyrabnott sarka mamalaz
Memory thesteppyone approximedic hildigunnur
Joy shocolate kennahijja jezzabe
Summer thetreacletart nicolen frayed1989
Family anamchara slinkiestumble kerryblaze
Loss solstice_muse maple_mahogany weasleyswitch
Fire simons_flower thelastgoodname sullacat
Friendship tehgiantsquid tajareyul arsenicjade
Time neigedens simmysim abigail89
Question yamapea almostblue kaalee
Gold tqpannie emmagrant01 aome
Pride coffee_n_cocoa aberforths_rug snoopypez
Food edeainfj wolfiekins prurient_badger
Red granola_bean scribhneoir1 thrihyrne
Lies jamimegan slytherincesss onadancefloor

A quick comment about prompts: If you're not happy with your prompt assignment, you are free to switch with a teammate. We only ask that you notify the mods so we can keep track of who is writing what.

If you need a reminder about the requirements for a fic, check out the FAQ again.

17th-Jan-2007 12:32 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm so exited about this...
17th-Jan-2007 08:27 pm (UTC)
::is not at all hoping that the people with the prompts she wants are unable to compete.... not at all::

these are *Good* prompts!!
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