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Drabble mini-fest FAQ

How’s this drabble thing work, then?

Drabble prompts get announced by a post in the community every Wednesday and Sunday while we’re waiting for the longer fics to be written and posted. You write as many drabbles as you want and post each one as a separate comment to the prompt post. The subject line of your comment should identify a) what team (het, slash, gen) you’re playing for with that particular drabble, and b) some sort of title. When the next posting day comes around, I’ll close writing for that prompt, collect the drabbles, and make a new post and poll with links to all of them for voting purposes. Then I’ll post the new prompt.

Do I have to sign up to write drabbles?

No, anyone can participate in this challenge! Members of teams can write drabbles for their own team or the others, and anyone watching or dropping by the community is welcome to write drabbles as well.

What are the rules for drabbles?

I’m so glad you asked! These will be posted with every prompt, as well, just to remind you.

--Drabbles should be Ron-centric, of course. As with the larger fics, het can be any het pairing, slash can be any slash pairing, and threesomes should focus more on either het or slash.
--Make sure the subject line of your post contains a) what team you’re playing for with that particular drabble, b) some sort of title so that readers/voters can easily identify your drabble, and c) any warnings you think it needs (we’re not enforcing warnings for drabbles, though, so read at your own risk).
--Drabbles should aim for 100 words exactly. Nobody’s counting, of course, but give it your best shot. If you have a staggering work of incredible genius that MUST be 176 words and no fewer, post it anyway – after all, the point of this is all about more Ron, not really about “winning.” Just keep in mind that some voters are picky about that sort of thing.
--Make sure each drabble is posted in a separate comment.

How will voting work?

The voting poll will have checkboxes so you can vote for as many drabbles as you like. No complex categories here - just pick the ones you think are best.

The drabble-fest will end February 25 with the last voting poll to give you a couple of days to vote before posting of the larger fics starts. I’ll tally up the total votes for all drabbles by team. Then on February 28 I’ll post the name of the winning team for all to see.

What kind of prompts are you giving us?

The drabble prompts will NOT overlap with the prompts for the main challenge, but like those, they’re designed to apply equally to all three teams. Be creative!

What does the team get if it wins?

Eternal glory, pride, and Ron-love. We’ll also have some icons that any participant can use to show their Ron-osity.

Can I get a timeline?

Well, okay. Just for you!
Jan 17 – prompt #1 up
Jan 21 – voting poll for #1, prompt #2 up
Jan 24 – voting poll for #2, prompt #3 up
Jan 28 – voting poll for #3, prompt #4 up
Jan 31 – voting poll for #4, prompt #5 up
Feb 4 – voting poll for #5, prompt #6 up
Feb 7 – voting poll for #6, prompt #7 up
Feb 11 – voting poll for #7, prompt #8 up
Feb 14 – voting poll for #8, prompt #9 up
Feb 18 – voting poll for #9, prompt #10 up
Feb 21 – voting poll for #10, prompt #11 up
Feb 25 – voting poll for #11 up
Feb 28 – voting ends
Mar 1 – winner declared

Where can we ask more questions?

The official e-mail for the fest is You can direct any questions there, and one of the moderators will happily answer your question.
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