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A Ron Ficathon where Everyone's a Winner!
drabble prompt #7 
7th-Feb-2007 10:18 pm

Drabble Rules Refresher

1. Drabbles should be Ron-centric
2. Aim for 100 words exactly (but no one's counting)
3. Put each drabble in a separate comment to this entry with appropriate headers

Your header should look like this:
Team [Het/Slash/Gen], [Title], [warnings]

You can write as many drabbles as you want for as many different teams as you want.

This post will close to drabbles Sunday and the next prompt will be posted then.

Prompt #7: photograph

Writing for this prompt is now closed. Please vote for these drabbles over at the voting post.
10th-Feb-2007 07:55 pm (UTC) - Loo
Team : Slash
Title : Loo
Author : vampyreangel
Warnings : err none

It started as a joke, but when Ron took that picture of Draco using the loo he didn't expect this. It was after a double potions class. When Collin used the potion on the photo Ron totally expected the image of Draco to run and hide off the side, but it didn't infact it began doing more and more illicit things the longer he stared. He had to find out if Draco was really like that. That's how he ended up in the small cubicle in the dungeon with Draco plastered to the wall, his lips devouring the blonde's in a wanton kiss.
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