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A Ron Ficathon where Everyone's a Winner!
Mod Post: Deadline Reminder 
12th-Feb-2007 03:37 pm
::taps the mic:: Is this thing on?

Hey, folks. I've been a rather inattentive mod lately--who wouldn't be, when marginaliana is doing such a fabulous job picking up the slack? But it's getting to be that time again, where I actually have to do my job.

This is a reminder that the official deadline for fic submissions is Wednesday, February 21. This means we want your completed fic in our inbox (triatharon.mod@gmail.com) on that date. If you think you're going to need more time than that, for some reason, please let us moderators know ASAP so we can work out an extension.

Sadly, we've already had two writers drop out of the fest. If you don't believe you'll be able to complete your fic at all, please let us moderators know as soon as possible so that we can set our doughty pinch hitters into motion.

I hope everyone is having a fabuluous time writing their fics and writing drabbles. Looking forward to the first of March!
13th-Feb-2007 05:08 am (UTC)
Ron is being uncooperative and I'm having to whip beat ... er ... coax him into shape.
17th-Feb-2007 02:57 am (UTC)
Hey--I'm going to need some extra time. I'm in my deep winter funk, and it's not getting any better. I thought I was going to write it tonight, but with all the good news about Dan's performance, I'm monumentally distracted and squee-y. And I just haven't had the time. It's been a very busy few months.

May I have an extra week? Also, I think Team Slash is in the same boat. I think we're gonna need some extra time.

My apologies. I just haven't been terribly 'with it' of late.
18th-Feb-2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
Hey! *waves*

My fic hasn't been at all cooperative, but I've made some real headway in the last day or so. I will certainly complete it, but not by the 21st. I'll need at least another week, I should think...Ron's speaking with me again, at least. I'm pretty sure he's been a bit miffed at my dalliances with the Winchester boys...

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