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A Ron Ficathon where Everyone's a Winner!
Submission time! 
20th-Feb-2007 12:53 pm
Hello, writers! Tomorrow, February 21, is the official deadline for fic submissions. Unless you've recieved an email from the moderators confirming an extension, your fic is due tomorrow.

A few quick pointers:

Where do you submit your fic? Email it as an attachment to triatharon.mod@gmail.com

What format should you use? We can handle .doc, .txt or HTML files easily.

What kind of formatting should you use? If you have any special formatting in the body of the story--italics, bold, indents, et cetera--please insert the HTML coding yourself--we don't want to accidentally mess anything up!

Do you need a header? Yes. This is the format we would like, which is also in the FAQ:

Story title:
Author name:
Author notes: (optional)

Please include this with your submission. If you miss any fields, the Mods will take it upon ourselves to fill them in for you!

What if you need an extension? Quite a lot of you have already requested, and gotten, extensions on your fics. Please email the mods at triatharon.mod@gmail.com to ask for one.
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