Bedlam boys are bonny (mad_maudlin) wrote in triatha_ron,
Bedlam boys are bonny

Team Rosters

Here are the teams for the inaugural running of the Triatha-Ron!

Team Slash Team Gen Team Het
abigail89 aberforths_rug anamchara
arsenicjade almostblue coffee_n_cocoa
jezzabe kennahijja edeainfj
kaalee maple_mahogany jamimegan
kerryblaze scribhneoir1 tehgiantsquid
mamalaz slytherincesss solstice_muse
prurient_badger thelastgoodname tqpannie
snoopypez   shocolate
thrihyrne   simons_flower
weasleyswitch   thesteppyone
Pinch hitters

Also, there are a couple of communities for team members: Team Het has ron_tries_het, Team Slash has ron_goes_slash and Team Gen has ron_can_gen. Please note, though, that these communities aren't an official capacity and the TriathaRon mods do not have any control over them.

Please contact the mods if:

*You are unhappy with your team assignment and wish to switch
*You no longer wish to play
*You notice any other errors in the table

The emply slots will be filled by open sign-ups starting Friday, January 12.
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